Searchlight Rentals


We know that many visitors are looking for our price list, so they can begin working it into a budget. We want informed customers, and want to help get you every discount possible. The challenge for us is that each event is unique in terms of specific location and timing, and it requires us to tune our quote specifically to your needs. For over 80% of our customers, the total cost falls between $275 and $450 per evening, depending on the unit(s) used and the length of operation. We are happy to provide an exact quote on request, either via phone (619-442-9700), e-mail, or use our online booking tool with no obligation. It's not an accident that we're the only searchlight business offering Sky Trackers and Sky Cannons based here in San Diego County, and we encourage you to call our competition in the surrounding counties.


Our standard rentals are for 3 hours, with additional hours charged at reduced rates. Multi-day discounts are available locally. We charge a flat rate for delivery throughout most of San Diego County (West of the Peninsular Ranges), and charge based on mileage beyond this area. If you require continuous monitoring or an insurance endorsement/rider (neither are common), there is an additional fee. In most cases, our rentals are "full service", where we handle setup, operation, and removal without much interaction required so that your team can focus on other aspects of the event.
In late 2015, we altered our business structure and were able to take advantage of pre-paying thousands of dollars in sales tax on our inventory. What this means for our customers is an immediate 8% savings, because we kept our prices at 2014 levels. Going forward, we may need to make small cost of business increases in pricing, but we'll forever be able to save customers the 8% sales tax. In terms of payment, we accept all major credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover); Net 30 Days on approved corporate accounts, checks prior to the rental date (we deposit the day of the rental), or cash at delivery.



4-Beam Sky Tracker

When you are looking to draw the maximal amount of vehiclular traffic, look no further than the world famous Sky Tracker. It draws attention for miles in all directions using a continuous cloverleaf pattern. These units are optimally suited for events where the public is invited and encouraged to join, and there is ample space to locate the unit in your parking area.


2-Beam Sky Cannon Trailers

If you wish to add a touch of red carpet / Hollywood style to your crowded location, such as a downtown nightclub where sidewalk area is limited, our Sky Cannon Trailers are specially designed for this purpose. We can alter the direction of the beams to draw traffic from specific directions while also avoiding sturctures such as highrise buildings. We find that these consistently draw foot traffic for at least 6-8 blocks, and vehicular traffic can see the lights for around a mile (from the freeways when the lights are in the Gaslamp Quarter). These self-contained units use a quiet Honda gasoline generator to provide the necessary power, so your customers can be directly next to the unit without concern.


Individual Sky Cannon Units

For specialty customization that's tailored to your location and event, look no further than to our individual Sky Cannon units. We can create a look that is truly special and inviting. These are most commonly used for invitiation-only events to generate excitement as your guests arrive and enjoy their evening. We can use existing, standard, mains electricity at 120V / 60Hz, with each Sky Cannon requiring a 10A circuit. In the cases where outlets are not readily available, we utilize an ultra-quiet Honda generator that your guests won't likely notice.


Add On Options

While we focus on our Searchlight offerings, our team is capable of including additional lighting or other related equipment to your event. We can project your business logo or any other image onto a surface using our gobo lighting, or we can also provide customized uplighting to a building. For smaller events, you may not have a specialty event lighting partner, so we can help provide some of the more common services that might otherwise be outside of the budget.